This purchase includes two plush #20forKaty Breast Cancer T-Shirts for both partners, delivered straight to the delivery address of choice, a race-day bib number for each partner, and two post-game day goodie bags.



Katy Masone, a trainer at 11.11, has been recently diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer that requires 20 weeks of chemotherapy. Katy is an amazing wife, mom, trainer, and friend to many people in our whole Upstate community. Her positivity and encouragement help countless others every day and now its our turn to be that for her. 


As a whole community we want to come together to show our support and join her side by side in the challenge of her treatment. Katy is forced to fight and struggle through her battle with chemo. This 20K race is in her honor! Come run for her and physically push yourself outside your comfort zone!

20k Partner Race

Color: Blush
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